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TMES's J. T. Mahajan College of Engineering, Faizpur is one of the most significant institutions in North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. JTM works on the principle of imparting value based quality engineering education to students to groom them to be conscious engineers, professionals and citizens bearing torch for nation building and disseminating knowledge in masses for sustainable socio-economic development of the society. "Alumni", is a word that truly explains the essence of the phrase, "Home is where the heart is". JTM Family gives every past student of college, a sense of home coming and belongingness.

JTM Alumni Association formally founded in 2012 is a thriving and growing group of people working towards nurturing a lifelong relationship between alumni and with their college. The JTM Alumni association strengthen the past students' relationship with their particular department and give them an opportunity to provide guidance to young students who share their dreams and aspire to become someone like them.

Based on the suggestions of past JTMians, placements, industrial interactions and other developmental activities of the college are highly benefitted. The Alumni Association conducts various programs like recognizing professional and social achievements of fellow JTMians through the presentation award of "Shining Star of JTM", organizing interaction session with sponsoring technical events, facilitating placements mentoring, career guidance etc.

Throughout these pages you shall find ways and means of getting connected with your college, fellow friends & alumni. We invite you to participate & explore the opportunities available right from on-campus events, to meetings in your own cities, to E-networking, to volunteering in association activities.

Welcome, Stay Connected & Enjoy!!